Sami Shalom Chetrit

Associate Professor and advisor
Hebrew language, literature and culture and modern Middle East



on sabbatical until August 2014

(please email)

King 210F


I’m a Moroccan Jew, raised in Israel. I studied at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (BA, MA and PhD in the areas of Comparative Politics and Literature) and at Columbia University in NY (MA, Middle Eastern studies).

I write scholarly work on Israeli society, culture and politics of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. I write poetry and prose and I produce and direct documentary films. At Queens College I teach Hebrew language, literature, culture, media and I also teach a class on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in film.

Recent Publications

Yehudim (Jews), a poetry book. 2008. Nahar Books, Israel.

Ein Habuba (Doll’s Eye), a novel. 2007. Hargol-Am Oved publishers, Israel.

Intra-Jewish Conflict in Israel: White Jews, Black Jews. London: Routledge, 2010;

SHIRIM BE’ASHDODIT (Poems in Ashdodian), poetry form 1982 to 2002, published by Andalus, Tel-Aviv, 2003.

A collection of 30 years of my poetry in English translation will be published soon by Cervena Brava Press, Boston.

Documentary Films

With Eli Hamo I co-directed the documentary “The Black Panthers (in Israel) Speak,” 2003. I directed “Azi Ayima” (come mother) in 2009, and I am now completing a new documentary “frenzy wind” on the Israeli poet Erez Bitton.

In my current research work I focus on Mizrahi (i.e., Middle Eastern Jewish) modern literature, during the Israeli era, since 1948. I’m mainly looking into political poetry of second generation Mizrahim.

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