Major in Arabic

Arabic language study stresses the reading and comprehension of Modern Standard Arabic. After completing ARAB 204, advanced students may wish to pursue writing and speaking skills as well. Students are introduced to graded modern reading selections in ARAB 102. In ARAB 203, students read short classical texts in addition to ungraded modern selections. From ARAB 204 on, students’ command of syntax and morphology enables them to choose to begin to study either classical or modern literature. Courses in English introduce students to masterpieces of Arabic literature and to the historical and cultural development of the civilization of Islam. See the box on this page for the requirements for the minor in Arabic.


Basic Language Courses

ARAB 101. Elementary Arabic I. 4 hr.; 4 cr. Prereq.: ENGL 95 or equivalent. A beginner’s course in modern Arabic, designed to give elementary control over the spoken and the written word; practice in reading elementary texts and in oral expression.

ARAB 102. Elementary Arabic II. 4 hr.; 4 cr. Prereq.: ARAB 101 or equivalent. A continuation of ARAB 101.

ARAB 203. Intermediate Arabic I. 3 hr.; 3 cr. Prereq.: ARAB 102. A continuation of ARAB 102.

ARAB 204. Intermediate Arabic II. 3 hr.; 3 cr. Prereq.: ARAB 203. A continuation of ARAB 203.


Advanced Language Courses

Please consult the coordinator. Permission of the instructor is required before registering for advanced language study.

ARAB 305. Advanced Arabic. 3 hr.; 3 cr. Continued expansion of knowledge of Arabic grammar and style through readings from a variety of sources including newspaper articles, short stories, and essays. Material will vary and be determined largely by student goals and interests. This class will focus on the four language skills (reading, writing, listening, speaking). Class will be conducted in Arabic. (Course may also be given as a tutorial; consult coordinator.)

ARAB 306. Advanced Arabic. 3 hr.; 3 cr. A continuation of ARAB 305, with further emphasis on reading, writing, listening, and speaking. (Course may also be given as a tutorial; consult coordinator.)


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